Financial planning
with MoneyEdge


Add a Client

Take Your Pick

MoneyEdge offers multiple ways to add client information:

  • Client Onboarding - Invite your client to get started on their plan by completing a simple on-line form

  • Manual Entry - Enter client details yourself behind the scenes.

  • Express Onboarding - When you need a simple plan in a hurry, try Express Onboarding.

  • Data Aggregation - Allow clients to link online accounts with Data Aggregation.


Make a Plan

Start with the basics...

MoneyEdge provides the tools you need to create great financial plan:

  • Current Position - See how your client is doing financially at a glance.

  • What-if scenarios - Make simple adjustment to see how they would affect the plan.

  • Income Projection - See how much your client expects to earn.

  • Retirement - Compare retirement goals with your client's current situation.

  • Emergency Fund - Figure out if your client has enough saved up to handle an emergency.

  • Education - Evaluate progress toward college savings goals.

...and keep going!
MoneyEdge goes beyond the basics to give you and your client additional tools, including:

  • Debt Elimination - Rather than assume your clients are ready to invest, MoneyEdge gives you a way to help them get out of debt.

  • The DIME Formula - Shows your client how much life insurance may be needed.

  • Income vs. Expenses - Analyze the how your clients make and spend money.

  • Simple Calculators - Focus on just one piece of your clients finances.

  • Action Plans - Assign next steps to your client or yourself.

  • Concise Reports  - Pull the plan together into report form for your client.


Share the Plan

Share the Plan Your Way
With MoneyEdge, you can give your clients a financial plan in a format that makes sense to both you and them:

  • Client Access - Give clients access to MoneyEdge for ongoing access to their financial plan.

  • Prepare Reports - Choose some or all sections to include in a prepared report.

  • Print Reports - MoneyEdge reports are concise enough to print for clients who want paper, but you can also save them to PDF.

  • Secure Vault - Drop the saved reports or full plan into the secure vault.

Simplify your financial planning. Or don't. We think you're going to like it, though.