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We are so confident of our software, we'll allow you to use it free for 20 days. Click on the link above and you will go to our licensing agreement. It is your standard “don’t steal our software or rip us off” agreement. To continue, you must click that you agree with the agreement. The enrollment consists of 4 sections which are relatively easy to fill out:

Personal Information

The Personal Information section which will populate the cover pages of your reports. If you are part of a FINRA-registered firm, click the box and this will allow you to enter your branch office address (you are responsible to make sure you abide by the rules of your firm and appropriate regulatory bodies).

Billing Information

Next is the Billing Section, the retail pricing is listed here for both the Express and the Advanced Versions. If you are part of an organization with special pricing for multiple users, put in your coupon code and hit ‘Go’ to see your special pricing. Your credit card information is required to allow for un-interrupted service after your trial period is over. If you decide not to license the program (we don’t believe you will), you can go to the Billing Section at any time during your trial period and hit the Cancel Account and all your credit card information is immediately removed from the system.

Account Information

Third is the Account information where you will set up your unique user name, password, and security questions. To maximize security, we do not allow duplication of user ids. Your user id may contain alphanumeric and the . _ – @ characters while your password may only contain alphanumeric. Both your user name and password are not case sensitive.

Licence Information

The last section is simply for statistics and development of the program to allow us to see the experience level and which type of professions are using the program.

Once you have filled in the four sections, Click on the 'Save' button and you're in! You will immediately be on the Associate Landing page where you will find all sorts of helpful guides to running the program and increasing your practice.

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