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Why the MoneyEdge?
insurance pic Supports Needs Based Planning: Many advisers have discovered how their careers became much more satisfying (and profitable) once their use of the MoneyEdge helped them focus on needs-based selling. Once a doctor-to-patient relationship is established you develop clients for life instead of just selling financial products to customers on a transaction to transaction basis.

Saves Time: Many advisers spend hours piecing together different software packages to put a game-plan together and create proposals for their clients. Once they put it together, compliance must approve, and copies must be filed after the presentation to the prospect. When revisiting a client, any changes require the whole process to start all over again. The MoneyEdge helps address these issues by having a simple web-based system that allows you, as the advisor, to keep all of your client plans in one place easily accessible from any internet connection along with the ability to easily archive prior reports as you update your client’s current information.

Adviser AND Client Friendly: The MoneyEdge combines intricate financial planning that is both powerful and user-friendly for advisers with understandable, to-the-point results for clients. We think that’s a combination where everyone wins.

Designed by Active Advisors: The MoneyEdge was designed by active advisers, some with over 20 years of experience working with clients. Because of this, the program has evolved and will continue to evolve through the constant use with clients in actual real-life situations.

What’s out there in the industry for advisers?

There are two ends of the spectrum:

There are few plans in the middle and even fewer with the MoneyEdge’s capabilities. There are several striking differences of the MoneyEdge, click here to see the MoneyEdge Uniqueness.

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