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MoneyEdge Uniqueness
insurance pic Just a few striking differences of the MoneyEdge compared to other programs:

It was designed by active financial advisers.
Many of the programs in the industry today have been designed by individuals that never sat kneecap-to-kneecap with a client. The MoneyEdge was designed by advisers that have on average over 20 years experience meeting with clients at their kitchen table, their work place or in the adviser’s office.

It is easy to understand by clients.
Clients simply want to understand where they are financially and what they need to do to get them where they want to go. Most don’t desire to know about theories like Monte Carlo simulations or quantitative analysis. We focus on presenting results that your clients can comprehend. If clients don’t understand the printouts, they may be less likely to do business with you. We also believe in developing clients for life and not simply a transaction. We developed the MoneyEdge program with this in mind; it is incredibly easy to duplicate reports and provide an updated situation for your clients allowing them to stay with you year after year. We believe the client is the focus and our program puts them at the core of everything we do.

It is easy to use by Advisers.
And just as important, it is easy to train, whether training a brand new adviser or an office assistant. With our simple user guides , a person can be fully trained in less than an hour. You can run a simple plan where your total input time is less than 10 minutes or invest a little more time to create a better quality detailed report. The adviser has total flexibility to decide what they want to create and present.

The program is interactive.
The buzz word around the industry these days is ‘collaboration.’ It simply means you work in partnership with your client to develop financial solutions. Our program allows you to make adjustments during a meeting with a client, clients can actually be involved in the formation of their plan, and clients can even access their plan over the web, from their home or office, or any place they have an internet connection.

You get a full history of your clients.
You can track each time you updated a client and also a full report of each time the report was accessed by you or your client.

We have created What-If conditions.
You and/or your clients can explore different scenarios: see the effects of retiring earlier, changing the inflation rate, changing the rate of return, and many other variables – change a figure, hit “Go” and the new numbers are instantly displayed!

We help improve your practice.
In addition to our high-quality adviser user guides and client brochures; we have compiled helpful hints from successful advisers to help you develop clients and improve your practice. This includes suggested verbiage, success stories, and how to overcome objections. The goal is to help boost your practice, free up time, and have fun.

The MoneyEdge will be constantly improved and upgraded.
We will constantly enhance the program and keep current with the industry, the needs of your clients and the needs of your practice.

Finally, the program is reasonably priced.
Add this additional benefit to your practice with only a modest initial investment and reasonable monthly fee. Most enhancements and upgrades are automatically included.

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